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“Katy, you transformed me for which I am eternally grateful. I never thought training could be so fulfilling, challenging and life-changing. You have set me on a new course.”

John, London

Once you choose to make health and fitness a priority in your life, then you need a professional to take you there. Expect to feel like a celebrity with my trainer/nutritionist/life coach all-in-one approach. I’ll step into every aspect of your life until you get the results you are after. You may even start to look like a celebrity once I’ve finished with you (think glamorous like Elle Macpherson, not washed up like Lindsay Lohan)!

Getting lean, strong and sexy is the best thing you can do for yourself, it boosts your sense of self esteem, your mood, your relationships, your energy, your long term health and can positively impact your career. A new fitness regime that stimulates you, paired with proper nutrition, will change every aspect of your life for the better.

A top priority in your training regime is keeping you injury free and moving smoothly. I want you to feel energetic and supple and have a life of pain-free movement.  I want people to comment on your radiating health when you walk into a room – and be secretly envious of how sexy you look!
When starting a fitness journey, we prioritize mobility and strength work that will improve your body’s ability to move and function properly. A screening process identifies areas of weakness and limitation and a program and sessions are designed accordingly.
Then we incorporate kettlebells, barbell lifts, bodyweight training, foam rolling, ropes, pilates, yoga, boxing, interval training, obstacles, depending on a clients’ goals. My clients also get homework (lucky buggers!) to make sure they hit their weekly fitness targets and keep improving their weaknesses.

Become your own best friend – sign up for personal training and feel your max potential!