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“Katy is amazing! I never thought I’d be as strong or fit as I am now- after only a few months in training with her. I’ve lost over a stone and half and feel fitter and healthier than I ever have. Katy works incredibly hard and throws herself into the training sessions, which is really motivating.  She has knowledge and skill around core strength that I trust unreservedly and she’s been able to build me up to great fitness from pretty much nowhere.  Her nutrition advice has been instrumental in helping me feel fitter and stronger and she’s always on hand by email or text to answer questions or give encouragement. Katy will always go above and beyond the call of duty and I can’t recommend her highly enough! ”

Jacqui, 36 years old, London

“Katy, you transformed me for which I am eternally grateful. I never thought training could be so fulfilling, challenging and life-changing. You have set me on a new course.”

John, 64 years old, London

“Katy has been my trainer for over a year and I have found her very encouraging and enthusiastic in all aspects of her training regime. She has a lovely quiet and calm professional style and is very attuned to specific and individual problem areas, particularly for older women. Katy is constantly striving to keep up to date with all current aspects of fitness training. I have become a great deal fitter, more toned and stronger since training with Katy.  As a public health professional, I am impressed with her conscientious approach to health and fitness generally and highly recommend her.”

Kathy Heathcote, 47 yrs old, Byron Bay


“I have worked with a number of personal trainers in the past and Katy is by far the best. She is professional, reliable, knowledgeable and motivates you to work hard. I am so happy with the results I have gained in such little time training with her and feel the best I have felt in such a long time!”

Jacqui Lee , 25 yrs old, Byron Bay


“Katy Mackay introduced me to new workout techniques in which I noticed an immediate increase in fitness and strength. She is a committed trainer who is able to motivate me even on my off days. Thanks to Katy I am currently fitter and healthier than I have ever been!”

Jordan Colless, 24 yrs old, Sydney



“With Katy’s knowledge and skills, I was able to achieve the results I wanted, quickly.  Katy had me motivated, thinking more about my fitness and I’m very happy with my results!”

Jason Rawnsley, 38 yrs old, Byron Bay


“I love training with Katy. My body is the strongest and fittest it has been in seven years since having my twins.”

Bhavni Stewart, 38 yrs old, Byron Bay


“My girlfriend and I came up to Byron Bay for a two week break. After two weeks of training with Katy we both came back feeling leaner and stronger. The sessions were challenging but not intimidating.  We highly recommend training with Katy!”

Kim and Rob, Melbourne


“Seriously never thought you would do what you’ve done to my body… You kicked my arse and made me feel amazing! See you in sydney for more banter and exercise. You freakin rock!”

Sarah, 30 years old, London


“Katy you are an inspiration! I never thought when I saw your sweaty, groaning class a year ago that I’d become so totally converted! Love your work. Stay amazing.”
Alex, London 


“Katy I haven’t been coming to your classes as long as some of the others but I can definitely say that I’ve enjoyed every session, you are a star! Best of luck for your move, we will miss you!”
Louise, London


“You are such an inspiration!! So gutted you’re leaving, no fitness classes will ever compare!”
Lou, London


“Katy it’s been amazing to come to your classes and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. Hands down, the funniest, most inspirational fitness instructor EVER!”
Emma, London


“Katy it’s been ace coming to your classes (although admittedly I should have gone to more)! You’ve been a real inspiration and I will miss seeing your smiley face on a Monday”
Rhiannon, London


“Thanks for your help in teaching us to engage our cores!”
Rachel and Jack, London


“Bye Katy, and thank you so much for all your fantastic classes. They’ve been fab and you’ll be missed around here.”
Annabelle, London


“I used to hate going to circuits class until I started coming to yours! I wish I found it sooner. You will be missed, trainer extraordinaire!”
Chris, London

“I never thought I was a group fitness person until I discovered your class. It’s been awesome.”
James, London


“Thanks for the Monday energy!”
Glenn, London